Filming a Commercial is fun!

Jan 07, 2015

By Karen Clark Cole ::

GCDPSAon set day1

Myself with KOMO 4 General Manager, Janene Drafts, her daughter Claire, and friend Liza.

Girls certainly can do, and today we were in action on the set at KOMO 4 News. KOMO is producing 15- and 30-second TV Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for us, which will air over the next few weeks leading up to our Seattle event, Feb 7th.

The PSAs will feature very quick takes of alternating women and girls holding up cards that say “I am a [Pilot]” or “I am a future [Dancer].” The idea is to show what success and dreams look like for girls watching.

Below are some fun outtakes (click through the photo rotator). Stay tuned for the finished video!